Soup of the week 7.90
ask for the soup of this week

Zeelandic Fishsoup 9.90
richly filled

Bread with spreads 8.50
With homemade garlicbutter and tapenade

Garlic bread, au gratin with old cheese 8.50
Made of old aged cheese

Crispy union rings 9.50
With sauces

Shrimp croquettes 15.90
with salad and cocktail sauce 

Gratinated oysters 3 pieces 11.50 / 6 pieces 21.50
3 or 6 pieces

Carpaccio 14.90
With truffle mayonnaise, capers, pine nuts and Grana Padano cheese

Caprese 12.50
with tomato, basil, mozzarella and pesto 

Tuna tartare 15.90
with avocado, wakame and wasabi mayonnaise 

Shrimp cocktail 17.50
Made of Dutch shrimps with cocktail sauce 

Cheese croquettes 13.50
With salad and raspberry sauce 

Duo of smoked eel and salmon 19.50
With Broiche toast and salad

Main course meat

Grilled Meat Skewer 27.50
(Spare ribs, pork tenderloin, steak, chicken) 

Chicken satay 20.90
With peanut sauce, salad and prawn crackers

Burger ‘Iets Anders’ 20.90
with pulledpork, onion, cheese

Steak (grain fed U.S.A) 24.50
With pepper sauce

Spare-ribs 24.90
In a sweet and spicy marinade with garlic sauce and salad

Ribeye 26.50
Grilled Ribeye (Don Pedro, Uruguay Grain Fed)

Tournedos 28.50
fillet steak 

Meat of the week 24.50

Main course Fish

Plate of fish 23.90
(salmon, cod, perch and king prawn) with Beurre blanc sauce 

Surf and Turf 27.50
Gamba’s with beef sirloin and salsa verde sauce

Pasta with scampi 25.50
With Sea Vegetables

Tuna Steak  26.50
Grilled tuna with sea vegetables and soysauce

North Sea Sole (500gr) 37.50
with Lime sauce 

Fish of the week 24.50


Curry 19.50
Veggie Curry with fresh vegetables and naan bread

Pokebowl 19.50
With sushi rice, cucumber, avocado, fresh fruit, sun-dried tomato, edamame and wakame

Avocado Burger 19.50
On brioche bread with lettuce, American mustard & pickled relish

For the kids

Chips with snack (Frikandel, croquette, chicken nuggets or cheese soufflé) 9.90

Chips with kibbeling 13.50

Chips with chicken satay 14.50

Chips with spare ribs 15.50

Chips with hamburger 15.00


Dessert of the week 7.90
Please ask the staff

Coffee/Tea with sweets 9.50
With three small desserts

Chocolate dessert 9.50
With Egg licor ice cream

Passoa crème brûlée 8.90
with mango ice cream 

Dame blanche 7.90
With vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

Sorbet 9.50
3 scoops of summer fruit sorbet ice cream

Panna Cotta Ring 8.90
With Red fruits and strawberysauce

Coupe of strawberrys 8.90
With strawberries and ice cream

Children’s ice cream 5.50